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The Pickpockets Strike!

Back in Buenos

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A little glimpse of the hostel in Iguazu

I took a taxi to the airport. As the green of the jungle flew by in a blur outside my window, in a moment of reflection my eyes began to water. Ah, so this is what it feels like to be totally alive. I savored the absolute bliss of the moment.

I was struck by how simple things were in South America. Airport security: no liquids ban, no removing belts and shoes, no pulling out the lap top case, opening it and taking the lap top out. You and your bags just go through a scanner, that's it. I feel just as secure flying in South America as I do flying in North America, however one is certainly less of a hassle.

I was in the emergency row, which was lovely, except I couldn't have my bag with me. Which means that as we flew over the falls and Buenos Aires, I couldn't capture the amazing views with my camera.
San Telmo Hostel Inn

San Telmo Hostel Inn

I checked into my hostel in San Telmo. Kris's ferry arrived at 5:30 and I figured the only way to meet, with limited time and neither of us having a phone would be to meet him at the terminal. I had time to kill so I finished writing postcards. I left the hostel a little late, leaving at 5:10 to catch the metro over to the nearest station to the terminal. I left the station asking where the Buquebus terminal was in nearly perfect spanish! I couldn't really understand the responses, but that's what hand gestures are for. It was 5:45 when I got out of the metro, and I ran to the terminal. I'd come all this way and I kept thinking I was too late. I reached the terminal 5 minutes before 6. The crowds of people I'd seen waiting for taxis and rides when I'd come back on the ferry were significantly thinned out. Oh no I missed him!

I walked towards the door of the terminal already resigned to the fact that I was most likely too late just as Kris was coming out! He was suprised I was there, not expecting to see me again. We were going to meet Javier, before Kris had to catch a 10:15 bus to Cordoba. We walked to the right metro line and went down in the subway. The station and cars were crowded with people. We had no idea which direction the trains were moving in and we asked as people moved along recieving no response, but signaling to all that we were the marks to follow. We figured it out and got on the train. The car was packed, body pressed to body. Kris and I were seperated by the surge of people that flooded into the car when the doors opened and stood a few feet apart. It was at this moment in my innocent, naive little world that I thought, "What an experience this is! Evening rush hour in Buenos Aires, I should pull out my camera and get a picture for everyone back home!" You'll be relieved that the smarter side of my brain chimed in and convinced me that that was a really dumb idea. Not long after that brilliant thought came and went I felt two fingers wiggling there way into my pockets. I reached down and they quickly retreated, I looked right at the girl who's fingers they were. She realized I was on to her and she left me alone. I grabbed my lower pockets and held on tightly. I discreetly got Kris's attention and told him to watch his pockets. Moments later he disappeared down on the floor. He rose again and the train came into a station and the girl and her partner now went to exit the train, having relieved Kris of his $400 dollar camera and all the photos from his trip so far. We got off the train and chased after the guy in the bonne and clyde duo, caught up to him where he stood in the doorway of the train and then stood there not sure of what to do. The doors closed and the train pulled away.

We found a police officer but he wanted Kris to go to a police station to give a statement, which he didn't have time for. We left the subway and decided to take a taxi the rest of the way. It should have been straightforward, except that even thought Kris speaks decent spanish the driver took us to the wrong stop, even after confirming numerous times. After calling Javier to come meet us and waiting for awhile we realized we were in the wrong area, and had to take yet another taxi to right area.
We eventually found Javier and went back to his place for dinner. Javier is quite the cook and dinner was delicious!
We hung out for awhile and then Kris and I left to get him to the bus terminal, which we barely managed.
large_012.jpgJavier's Home Cookin', DELICIOUS!

Javier's Home Cookin', DELICIOUS!

Thus ended a crazy evening in Buenos Aires.

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